Board Members of "Kesher"




    Mrs Shira Ruderman

    Chairman of "kesher" Activity Director in Israel of the "Ruderman family Foundation" in Israel.

    Mrs Ilana Balaban
    Gramling Spirit Award winner and AP Israel Business Manager (retired Dec. 31, 2003)

    Mr Yossi Ben Shalom
    Partner and Director at a private investment company D.B.S.I

    Mr Moshe Gabbai
    CPA Director of Burger Ranche.
    Mr Uri Gur Arieh

    Mr Benni Dekalo
    Investment banker and CO Director of the DeKalo Ben Yehuda Investment House.


    Mr Eli Mizruch
    Senior Partner Business Consulting Company.


    Dr Liora Findler
    Senior lecturer and head of rehabilitation trend Describe two school studying social work.

    Rav Shay Piron
    CEO Director of the movement "All Education".









    Mrs Dana Azrieli
    Azrieli Group Vice President.












    Mr Tamir Poliker
    Company's outgoing CEO Sonol.

    Mr Nadim Shabian
    Director of the Jerusalem Foundation's programs

    Mr Yechiel Even
    Head of Board of Directors, Giza Singer Even Ltd.

    Mrs Karine Elharar
    Lawyer and Director of the legal clinics at Bar-Ilan Univeristy, which include a clinic for the rights of individuals with disabilities



    Key Members of Staff


    • Tami Krispin, Director, MSc. (Biology), BSW. Ms. Krispin was the co-ordinator of services for the deaf for the Jerusalem Municipality, a director of Projects for Children and Youth with Special Needs at JDC-Israel (Ashalim). She has been the Director of Kesher since 2008. Ms. Krispin is the mother of a child with hearing disabilities
    • Buki Kimchi, Professional Director and Director of Training Programs. She is a community worker and group facilitator.  Ms. Kimchi directed the Dept. for Civic and Democratic Edcuation at Matach-The Center for Educational Technology. She has trained group leaders and developed academic courses.
    • Carmit Levy-David, Director, Haifa Branch., B. A. in Education and Political
      Science. Ms.  Levi-David has studied fundraising and is a group facilitator. She has 12 years experience in all subjects related to social iniatives: defining needs, designing and establishing programs, fund raising and administration. Ms. Levy-David has worked with children and youth and in the fields of education and co-existance. She has worked professionally and as a volunteer  with parents and with children with special needs  and has completed courses at the Mifne Center in Rosh Pina for children with autism. 


    • Maya Segal, Director of Jerusalem Branch, Masters in Educational Management. Ms. Segal has 15 years experience in the treatment of children and youth at risk. She has developed community programs in cooperation with non-profit and other organizations, parents and professionals. She worked for one year at Variety, an organization which develops programs that respond to the needs of children with disabilities. Ms. Segal specializes in facilitating groups that strengthen and empower their participants. Maya is the parent of a child with special needs. 
    • Rachik Daka, Coordinator of Arab Speaking Populations, Jerusalem Branch, M.A. in Psychology and Counseling and is working towards a Doctorate in Special Education. Ms. Daka specializes in the social aspects of disabilities. She worked in social research at the Brookdale JDC-Brookdale Institute. She then counseled childen with learning disabilities and their parents at Alpha College and children with hearing disabilities and their parents at a school of special education.
    • Anwar Mansor, Coordinator of Arab Speaking Populations Haifa Branch. MSW the Management of Non-profit Organizations. Ms. Mansor was employed by Ayal: the organization for people with epilepsy in Israel. There she advanced the rights of people with epilepsy raised awareness of this disability. She also worked at the Jerusalem branch of Micha, an organization for people with hearing disabilities. In this capacity she served families from East Jerusalem assisting them in realizing their children's rights and changing parent's attitudes towards their child from seeing them
       as a burden to a source of pride and joy. She also was involved in community projects. 
    • Lana Eisenstadt, Coordinator of Projects for Immigrants, Masters in Immigration. Ms. Eisenstadt also completed a course in mediation and couples counseling. She is the mother of a child with autism and she herself is an immigrant from Russia.


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